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website maintenance services provider

Before Hiring a Website Maintenance Services Provider

Before Hiring a Website Maintenance Services Provider – Ask These 10 Questions Are You a Small Business Owner Looking to Hire a Website Maintenance Services Provider? Website Maintenance Services Providers are getting a lot of attention these days. And, one size does not fit all. Depending on your business, and…

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User experience

User Experience Website Checklist and ‘Nevermind’

It’s one of those catch-phrases that we hear about a lot lately; ‘User Experience‘. For websites, it’s the all-inclusive way of referring to whether visitors to your website can easily ‘do‘ what they came to ‘do‘. And so, we thought it might be handy for new small business owners to…

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How Your Email Address Could Be a Deal Breaker

How Your Email Address Could Be a Deal Breaker You may be wondering how your email address could be a deal breaker. There are more than a handful of articles about what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for where email addresses and new hires are concerned. But let’s talk…

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free stock photography

Free Stock Photography for 2021

Free Stock Photography Sites for 2021 And One For-a-Fee Recommendation Our brains are more engaged by images than text. According to 3M, we can process the meaning of images 60,000 times faster than words. They go on to say we only remember a fifth of what we hear. Pictures are…

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social distancing

Social Distancing and Small Business

Social Distancing Affecting Your Business? What You Can Do to Connect With Customers Social Distancing. … We are thinking of you.  Really.  And it has us wondering how we can help.  (If you want to skip to the ‘good stuff’, we’ve included some links at the end that we think…

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Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing – Who Owns It

Your Google My Business Listing: Are You the Owner? Do you have a Google My Business Listing for your small business? It’s easy enough to find out with a quick Google search using your business name. If you see one, do you know who owns it? Moreover, can you access…

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copyright laws

Copyright Laws of Intellectual Property

Copyright Laws for Intellectual Property Having to Protect Our Site’s Content All of a sudden, there we were reaching out to a lawyer about copyright laws for intellectual property. Imagine stumbling across another website that copied large portions of your own site’s content. It recently happened to us. We did…

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duplicate and copied content

Duplicate and Copied Content

Are You Using Duplicate or Copied Content on Your Site? Advice from Google for 2019 As a new or small business owner you may be wondering what you should write about on your blog, or how to add content to your website.  Have you ever heard the phrase that ‘imitation…

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broken links on your website

Broken Links on Your Website

The Trouble with Broken Links On Your Website Do you have broken links on your website? When part of your website content links outbound to other sites, these links are called outbound links – like this one here. There are also internal links. This type links to parts of your own…

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