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Your Small Business

5 FREE Small Business Hacks

Small Business Hacks

5 FREE Small Business Hacks Every day we are fortunate enough to work with customers who are energetic and motivated to start and to build their small, and often new, businesses. Their vision is clear, their service is stellar, and their product is phenomenal. However, one common mistake we see often is that the digital…

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CDN for Small Business – Do You Need One?

CND for Small Business

CDN for Small Business Does Your Business Website Really Need One? What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)? A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a group of servers all over the world (yes, the world) that hold copies of your website files. The servers in this delivery network then deliver your website to people who request…

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How to Register My Business on Google

register my business on Google

How To Register My Business on Google Running a small business is big work. Have you ever wondered ‘How do I register my business on Google?’ Here we give you some very specific steps to register your business with Google (there’s even a tutorial at the end). This process takes about five minutes and offers…

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Learn 6 Ways to Retain Existing Customers

retain existing customers

LEARN 6 WAYS TO RETAIN EXISTING CUSTOMERS   The art of how to retain existing customers can be illusive. Read on for 6 ways to retain existing customers and improve your business and theirs. A lot of small business owners overlook this very important step in their business plan and consequently will lose repeat business…

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