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Website Optimization

digital business hacks

Digital Business Hacks – Our Top 5 Picks

These are our top 5 go-to digital business hacks that are small-effort with big-impact. Bonus: They’re Free.

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improve your wordpress website performance

Improve WordPress Website Performance

You don’t have to be a web developer to improve your WordPress website performance. Knowing what to be on the lookout for keeps you one step ahead.

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user experience

User Experience Website Checklist and ‘Nevermind’

We believe it’s important not to give your audience a reason to say “oh, nevermind” when they are searching for something on your website. Visit your site and navigate it from their point of view.

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copyright laws

Copyright Laws of Intellectual Property

Intellectual copyright laws are one of those things most people think very little about, until they are forced to understand them. And when you are, buckle-up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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duplicate and copied content

Duplicate and Copied Content

The rules for using copied or duplicate content. Understanding the difference between the two is the first step. Bet you didn’t know that 25%-35% of all internet content is ‘duplicate’. Learn how that holds water.

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CDN for business

CDN for Your Business – What is It and Do You Need One?

A CDN — Content Delivery Network — helps your website visitors view content faster. If your site isn’t yet using one, it’s worth considering.

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website SSL

Website Security Isn't Just for E-Commerce Anymore

It used to be that only e-commerce websites needed an SSL certificate to keep credit card information secure. It’s not so anymore, and all sites need an SSL certificate according to Google.

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Does website page speed matter?

Does Website Page Speed Matter?

Striking a balance between page speed and functionality & design can be a little tricky. We have some suggestions to help you strike a balance.

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improve your rank on Google

Improve Your Ranking on Google in 5 Easy Steps

If you have access to the backend of your WordPress site, making these 5 updates to improve search engine ranking are easy to implement.

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