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website maintenance services provider

Before Hiring a Website Maintenance Services Provider

Before Hiring a Website Maintenance Services Provider – Ask These 10 Questions Are You a Small Business Owner Looking to Hire a Website Maintenance Services Provider? Website Maintenance Services Providers are getting a lot of attention these days. And, one size does not fit all. Depending on your business, and…

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domain names and hosting

Understanding Domain Names and Hosting

Understanding domain names and hosting can be one of the most confusing things for new small business owners. Especially for the non-techy. We get it. And, we’ve been there. Below is a high-level overview of these two items and how to understand them for your business. WHAT IS A DOMAIN…

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summerville web design

Summerville Web Design

Summerville Web Design to Grow Your Small Business Studio Barn Creative offers Summerville Web Design services for small business owners looking to grow their business.  We are local to the Summerville area and Dorchester County.  This means that you can trust that we understand your target audience and your competitors.…

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broken links on your website

Broken Links on Your Website

The Trouble with Broken Links On Your Website Do you have broken links on your website? When part of your website content links outbound to other sites, these links are called outbound links – like this one here. There are also internal links. This type links to parts of your own…

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website maintenance plans and care

Website Maintenance Plans and Care for the Successful Website

Why Website Maintenance Plans and Care are Important for Your Website Success Website maintenance plans and care are now an integral part of website ownership. Because just like your iPhone or tablet, the software of your website needs to be updated. It requires care and maintenance to keep your website…

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