About Studio Barn Creative

We believe that doing the right things the right way gets results.  It's our job to learn more, be more, and do more than is expected of us.  Overall, our mission is to ensure that your construction company outperforms its competition online.


How it Started

Way back in 1997, we weren't expecting to specialize in digital marketing for construction companies. We started out simply wanting to provide quality websites and digital assistance for any business that wanted to work with us. It didn't take too long before the smell of dirt or drywall, and the sounds of heavy equipment and power tools were what we wanted to surround ourselves with.

This business has morphed a few times since the beginning, and always with forward momentum.  In 2015, we refocused, renamed and rebranded as Studio Barn Creative.

How it's Going

Fast forward and we are successfully managing full-service digital marketing programs for large businesses, including SEO and Social Media services.  We're also building custom websites, managing the maintenance of websites of all sizes and industries in multiple countries, and helping construction companies successfully improve their tech, design, and marketing efforts across the board because our team is a group of doers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

We naturally gravitate towards businesses with enthusiasm, businesses that are service based, and businesses that are growth-minded.  Our mission is to help you outshine the competition and to keep getting those wins.

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Kari is Studio Barn Creative's founder and creative director. Raised in New Jersey and during her career, Kari worked in various creative roles for a real estate development Fortune 500 company in Philadelphia, and a large privately held Canadian company with more than 30 offices around the globe.

In 2002, Kari relocated to Summerville, South Carolina and continued working remotely for the Canadian company. She also married a man with a long family history of working in the construction industry.  Along the way, she was also creating the framework and foundation for Studio Barn Creative.

Over the past 25 years, Kari has worked on various projects for several Fortune 500 companies and applies those same winning principles and tactics to grow Studio Barn Creative into a thriving digital marketing agency. She very much enjoys managing all aspects of the agency, and her time with her family.  Recently, she learned how to operate a Komatsu excavator.

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Fanny is second in command at SBC, handling things such as photography, videography, drone work, community management and more.

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On the daily, Adam oversees the team that keep websites up to date and functioning for clients around the globe.

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Look up, if you see a drone that might be Jagger. He is responsible for providing some of that cool footage we capture for clients.

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Can't imagine writing your own website content? With her Masters from The Citadel, Megan is here to help with that.

Our Clients' Worldwide Locations

Studio Barn Creative is physically located in South Carolina offering services that have a global reach.  With clients in locations such as California and Australia, we can confidently assure you that any geographical distance is bridged by the power and convenience of the internet and email.

Good to Know


Our steadfast mission has always been to add value for our clients so that they can grow and expand their own businesses. We are happy to report that we, too, are expanding our employee base, our knowledge base, and our commitment to learning as much as we can about the construction industry. In 2024, we became members of the American Subcontractors Association , NAWIC, and were OSHA-10 Certified for the Construction Industry.

Studio Barn Creative will continue to seek new and impression-making ways to help business owners grow and thrive in their markets.


Studio Barn Creative has been successfully doing this digital marketing and business growth thing for quite a while.  We help clients strike a balance between growing with the industry as it changes and also not being distracted by the next "shiny new object".

We always and only use the best industry tools to create and manage assets for our clients.