Social Media Marketing

a.ka. Social Media Paid Advertising

How will your business reach people outside of your local area?  How can you increase awareness of your business? Will people be able to remember what you do and what you stand for? Social Media Marketing is a big part of the answer.

You've got great content, but only a handful of people are seeing it. Sound familiar? To grow your business, more people need to be aware of what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it better than your competitors.

With marketing dollars placed strategically around carefully selected social media content, you can control where your message is amplified.

Here's the best part; you don't need a huge budget to start seeing results.  Of course, a bigger budget does go a longer way.  Not sure if this is for you?  A small $10/day investment or $20/day investment every few days is a great place to start for those interested in proof of concept.

Pro Tip:

Before Starting

Before starting this type of marketing plan, you'll want to be sure that your social platform is being properly managed.  That means, your feed looks good, you're posting consistently, and you've implemented content pillars.

Things to Remember:

This type of marketing is one piece of a larger puzzle.  For best results, a business strategy for digital marketing should include your website, a new-content plan, paid advertising, and other elements all working together in harmony.  Not sure you can handle all of these?  Finding the ones that move the needle the most are the ones to focus on until you're ready for more.


Social Media Marketing (paid advertising)

Your initial minimum investment starts at $800 for month one. This includes an ad-spend minimum of $300 for the month (up to $1,000) plus our setup and management fee of $500.

Months 2+ require a minimum ad spend of $300 - $2,000 + our $300 management fee.  For ad spend of $2,001+, our fee is 15% of ad spend.

During our initial conversation, we'll discuss your business needs and goals and what you can expect from your advertising campaigns.