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Website Design

Improve WordPress Website Performance

Improve Your WordPress Website Performance Easy to Medium Level Fixes Worth Making Are you ready to improve your WordPress website performance? These five tips will help you on your way. Remember the old adages- “Beauty is only skin deep“, and, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters“? In the case…

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User experience

User Experience Website Checklist and ‘Nevermind’

It’s one of those catch-phrases that we hear about a lot lately; ‘User Experience‘. For websites, it’s the all-inclusive way of referring to whether visitors to your website can easily ‘do‘ what they came to ‘do‘. And so, we thought it might be handy for new small business owners to…

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summerville web design

Summerville Web Design

Summerville Web Design to Grow Your Small Business Studio Barn Creative offers Summerville Web Design services for small business owners looking to grow their business.  We are local to the Summerville area and Dorchester County.  This means that you can trust that we understand your target audience and your competitors.…

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hiring a web designer

Before Hiring a Web Designer

Before Hiring a Web Designer – Ask These 6 Questions Are You a Business Owner Looking at Hiring a Web Designer? Are you looking at hiring a web designer for your business? We know that it can be daunting. There are several service providers to choose from.  So many, in…

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websites built with wordpress

Websites Built with WordPress That Might Surprise You

Websites Built with WordPress That Might Surprise You: As a small business owner, you have several choices for your website platform. Several years ago, WordPress was the leading Blogging-only platform. Since then, WordPress has grown and evolved into one of the leading most website choices for designers and agencies alike.…

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video editing summerville

Personal Interview Turns Into A Video Editing Project

A Personal Interview Turns Into a Video Editing Project CHECK OUT OUR FINAL VIDEO BELOW Growth occurs outside of our comfort zone, as I learned during this project. Have you ever kept your business from growing because you didn’t know how to do something, or because it made you uncomfortable?…

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affordable WordPress website design

Affordable WordPress Website Design

What is Affordable WordPress Website Design Understanding Cost versus Investment If you’re looking for a fast answer about how much a website will cost if you work with us, this may not be the right place for you. We believe that the definition of affordable WordPress website design is found…

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Does website page speed matter?

Does Website Page Speed Matter?

Does Website Page Speed Matter? Why yes, yes it does! Website page speed matters. Who says so, you might ask. Why it’s Google.  But maybe even more importantly, your customers say so, too! Simply put – the longer your website takes to load, the quicker you are to loose customers. Poor…

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how is your site indexed on google

How is Your Site Indexed on Google

HOW IS YOUR SITE INDEXED ON GOOGLE How is your site indexed on Google? You have a website, but does Google know that? Just because your website exists doesn’t mean that Google (or other search engines) have indexed it properly, or at all. So, if you ever wonder what Google…

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