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Websites for Small Business

WordPress website design solutions for small business owners that get found on search engines, generate revenue, improve your online presence, and save you time; provided by people who care about your success.

Some of Our Small Business Website Designs

Why They Needed a New Site and How We Accomplished It

Your Small Business Deserves More Than a DIY Website

Understanding how websites work is complex. Don't limit your business. Your bottom line will thank you.

How It Works for You:




Be as detailed as you'd like. The more we know the better we'll be able to serve you.



Provide us with your website's content or we can help you to craft the body of text. 



We work through the details to create a website that starts attracting customers.

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Affordable Website Design Services

Where Are You In the Process?


I am at the beginning. I need help with concept, website design, launch and after.


I have an idea of what I want for my website, but haven’t found a designer yet.


We have a website, but it's not working properly. Can it be fixed?


I have a website, but I need monthly site maintenance and updates. Please help.

Affordable Websites for Small Business
That Are Always Responsive

Our website designs are built to respond to all of the latest devices, browsers and screen sizes

Be sure to keep your potential customers on your website with a website design that adapts to your customer. No matter whether they are searching with Chrome or Safari, or from their desktop or mobile phone, your website will adapt to ensure the best user experience.

Small business website design is about more than creating a website that looks good. As a small business, your website needs to be found by search engines like Google and Bing. If it's not properly formatted, it might not be. Did you know people are searching for businesses like yours more on their mobile devices now than on desktops? Therefore, search engines promote those that work well on those devices. Be sure your website is ready.


Growing Your BIG Small Business

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We know that owning a small business is Big Work! Having a website design that complements your vision and your brand is a key element to growing it. A well-performing website can also be a key element to expanding your online presence. As the owner of SBC, I'll personally care for your website through its design and build process. This ensures that your definition of success is achieved - not as defined by a generic formula. If you’re ready to elevate your business to a new level, send us a message about your project!

Studio Barn Creative Team

Founder / Creative Director

"I’ve been creating websites since late 2008. Since then, the only constant is that things change.  We work personally and virtually with clients around the globe and specialize in website development, website care and consulting, and custom design. Our services offered during a project can include graphic design, copy-writing, and Search Engine Optimization to name a few. "

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Is Your Small Business
Ready for Something More?


We are experienced website professionals, therefore, we believe that we can help your small business thrive through web solutions built and personalized for your business goals and objectives.

We do not approach our clients with prescribed themes and generic solutions. Rather, we listen, and work to understand your unique needs and target market.

Provide us with details and ideas, and we’ll work to bring them to life, coaching you through which concepts will yield the best results. Here we highlight just a few of the features that we offer.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Lead Capture with Email Campaigns
  • Custom Design + Layouts
  • Designs to Match Your Branding
  • E-Commerce Shops
  • Event Calendars
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google and Bing Business Listings
  • Video Tutorials
  • Custom Graphics (see more here)
  • Local SEO (see more here)
  • Video Editing
  • and So Much More!

Do You Have an Existing Website?
What is It Doing For You?

What Has Your Website Been Up to This Past Week?

Many small business owners cannot answer that question. As a small business owner, you wear many different hats. Website Designer, Technical Support, SEO Expert, Website Maintenance Provider, and Creative Director shouldn’t have to be among them.

THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN. Most of all, we help grow your business by combining website design with real solutions. SBC creates and manages your website, designs custom graphics as needed (in the proper sizes and formats), fixes and prevents technical issues on your website, and provides general creative support where other companies may not (we can even help you set up your social media accounts).

We offer affordable website maintenance plans, caring for your site to keep it running smoothly. These plans will be available to you for the duration. We’ll never be too busy or grow too large to give you and your business the personalized attention that it needs.

Do You Know if Your Website is Really Working for You?

You are most likely on our website not because you are already proficient in web and graphic design, but because you’re looking for someone who is. While you started your small business to reach your customers, you do not have to learn website and graphic design skills to keep your business afloat.

We could tell you the techy stuff that we do, but we believe that you are more interested in a website design that works for you and your business. Therefore, if you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes stuff, we are often pulling back the curtain in our newsletters. You can opt-in below.

A beautiful website is only part of what we do. What we offer is beyond visual, our websites are highly functional and built to be scalable to complement your business growth. With a small business website design from Studio Barn Creative, you are well positioned in your marketplace to start attracting your target market.

Why Your Business Needs Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is becoming the new normal for small and large businesses alike. Not because it's a trend, fad or the cool thing to do. It's because it just makes good business sense.

Website maintenance includes design, content updates, and most importantly- core file updates. Having this type of plan in place helps to ensure that your website is running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

In a world of prolific mobile devices, information on the cloud, and Google reviews, your customers will most likely research you on the web before they visit you in person. If your website is down or missing current information about your business, or isn't performing like your competition's, you may have just lost a sale without even knowing.

A monthly website maintenance plan provides the care your website needs and the tools for growth that your business needs. Check out our comprehensive website maintenance plans here.

Every business is different. Each has its own set of goals critical to success. When we partner together through one of our website maintenance plans, we are able to track Key Performance Indicators and make adjustments to your website as necessary to reach your unique goals.

More Than Website Maintenance:
The Tools for Growth

Whether you call it website maintenance or a website care plan, Studio Barn Creative knows how to keep your business running smoothly online and provides you with the tools you'll need to compete.

Your website may be attractive and engaging, but are you caring for it's short-term or long-term future? We don't allow you to worry about that alone.

Technology is always changing. We ensure that your website will keep up with the demands of change. Remember when the world went "mobile responsive"? We adapted, and have helped several of our clients do the same.

Having a well-maintained website is not only great for new customers, it will also keep the interest levels of your existing customers (who are some of your best sources of referrals).

Part of our monthly website maintenance includes providing you with access to the tools you'll need to help build and improve your online presence. We then monitor your efforts to ensure that they are working as you'd hoped. We also provide recommendations and real solutions for continual growth.