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How Do We Help Clients Distinguish Themselves from Competitors?

If you're a construction company, you need to stand out from your competitors.  At Studio Barn Creative, our mission is to help you do that. You add value to every project you work on.  We help you prove it.

We accomplish this through a blend of comprehensive services that blend creativity, digital expertise, and strategic thinking, all customized to address your specific goals and objectives.

By partnering with SBC, businesses gain access to a dedicated and expert in-house marketing team (that means nothing is outsourced to another country). We collaborate closely with our clients, working to intimately understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges. This close collaboration enables us to develop personalized strategies that set our clients apart from their competition.

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Are You Struggling to Earn New Leads Or Attract Qualified Help?

Results for Land Developers to Builders and All the Contractors & Subcontractors In Between

Success is a result of a well-planned strategy.  That strategy must always to be linked to business goals. Our digital marketing strategies do just that to increase website traffic, generate better leads, and ensure that your marketing budget is money well spent.

Get ready to grow with an engaging website, strategic content, targeted paid ads, custom assets for business development, marketing automations, and a solid social presence.



Build a Stronger, More Visible,
and Competitive Construction Brand

Not sure what working with a construction digital marketing agency is about or how it will serve you? Get honest talk from a digital marketing expert in the construction industry. You'll receive a review of your website and social platforms, ideas to help attract new business leads, and actionable ways to impact your revenue goals. We specialize in leveraging proven digital marketing strategies and tailor them for your specific business.

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When you're ready for pay-per-click (PPC) ads, using advertising dollars wisely is key.

Get more eyeballs on your content for every dollar of spend when you rely on our research-based marketing strategy.

These are actual results among some of our clients.


Increase in website traffic in first month of social media
ad spend < $301


Increase in website traffic after three weeks of Google Ad spend of $10/day four days per week

The number of keywords in the Google top 10 most searched keywords in the country (not just locally) for a revenue-driving topic in client's industry


Increase in website traffic for a Charleston based sitework contractor

Ranked #1 across the country, and locally, for client's primary revenue-driving keyword

231,000+ local social ad impressions, 12,000 ad clicks, at a cost of $.09 per click.

Feedback about our Construction Digital Marketing Results

We can’t say enough great things about Studio Barn Creative!! Kari and her team have done an OUTSTANDING job from making suggestions about our overall marketing strategy to going above and beyond with photo shoots and our online exposure/presence.

Kari makes the technology world easy for us to understand and she’s completely transparent with explaining things.

One more thing we love about Kari and team is their investment in your company, too!! She’s eager to brainstorm marketing strategies and suggest ones we hadn’t thought of to try and draw more visibility. That’s a HUGE benefit from using Studio Barn Creative. I hope YOU are lucky enough to have Kari on your team like we are!!

Bonni Agnew, Owner - Stone Central

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