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Google's SSL Certificate Requirement

Google’s SSL Certificate Requirement

Google’s SSL Certificate Requirement Is Your Website Compliant? Google’s SSL Certificate requirement is affecting more than just a few business owners.  This article is important if you have a website that people view on Google Chrome. With over 2 billion installs, if you have a website, there is a good…

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CND for Small Business

CDN for Small Business – Do You Need One?

CDN for Small Business: Does Your Business Website Really Need One? What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)? A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a group of servers all over the world (yes, the world) that hold copies of your website files. The servers in this delivery network then deliver your…

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register my business on Google

How to Register My Business on Google

How To Register My Business on Google Running a small business is big work. Have you ever wondered ‘How do I register my business on Google?’ Here we give you some very specific steps to register your business with Google (there’s even a tutorial at the end). This process takes…

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video editing summerville

Personal Interview Turns Into A Video Editing Project

A Personal Interview Turns Into a Video Editing Project CHECK OUT OUR FINAL VIDEO BELOW Growth occurs outside of our comfort zone, as I learned during this project. Have you ever kept your business from growing because you didn’t know how to do something, or because it made you uncomfortable?…

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How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post for Your Website

HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST Ever wonder how to write a blog post? If you’re having trouble getting started creating blog posts for your website, take a quick moment to read below and then download the template to help you start producing that content today with this easy 5-Step…

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website maintenance plans and care

Website Maintenance Plans and Care for the Successful Website

Why Website Maintenance Plans and Care are Important for Your Website Success Website maintenance plans and care are now an integral part of website ownership. Because just like your iPhone or tablet, the software of your website needs to be updated. It requires care and maintenance to keep your website…

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website security

Website Security Isn't Just for E-Commerce Anymore

Website SSL Security Isn’t Just for E-Commerce Websites Anymore Why Everyone Needs an https:// Secure Website You probably missed it, the announcement that Google was making https:// based website SSL security even more important and “dinging” websites that don’t have the proper tools in place. If you think that might be…

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affordable WordPress website design

Affordable WordPress Website Design

What is Affordable WordPress Website Design Understanding Cost versus Investment If you’re looking for a fast answer about how much a website will cost if you work with us, this may not be the right place for you. We believe that the definition of affordable WordPress website design is found…

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What to Write About On Your Blog

What to Write About On Your Blog

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT ON YOUR BLOG YOU HAVE A BLOG, NOW WHAT? If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering what to write about on your blog. And, you may have heard a time or two (or more) that it’s really important to have a blog. This post…

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