How to Register My Business on Google

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How To Register My Business on Google

Running a small business is big work. Have you ever wondered ‘How do I register my business on Google?’ Here we give you some very specific steps to register your business with Google (there’s even a tutorial at the end). This process takes about five minutes and offers big rewards for your business. A common mistake by new business owners is overlooking, or not knowing about, the importance of this little process.

Why Should I Register My Business on Google?

One of the first reasons to register your business with Google is because your business isn’t just a hobby. If you’re serious about growing your small business you’ll want to take all of the steps necessary to add credibility and to position yourself as a legitimate business to your customers. Registering with Google helps to make that statement to your customers and to your competition.

Here are a few other reasons to register your business with Google:

  • Improve Your Ranking on Google
  • Improve your Local SEO
  • Accept Business Reviews (get those cool yellow stars)
  • Legitimize Your Business
  • Help Potential Customers to Find You in Online Searches
  • Show on Google Maps with Directions to Your Location Optional

What If I Work From My Home?

Many people operate their small business from their homes and therefore many people wonder whether they should register their business with Google. Once your business is registered, your address will be out there on search engines for anyone to find. There is a struggle between growing your business and wanting to maintain your privacy.

In order for Google to accept your business as a ‘real’ one, it needs some sort of confirmation. When your business address is on your website, and it matches your Google business registration, your business listing is indexed as ‘real’. In those cases, your business will benefit from increased search engine rankings and other benefits noted above.

When you operate from your residence, your business needs to follow the same protocols. The best way to do that is to register as a Service Area Business.

As a SAB, your business is able to include your home address and hide it from public view. Then, either by city/cities or zip code(s), you choose the area that you service.

How Do I Start to Register My Business on Google?

We are glad you asked. We created this handy-dandy tutorial to walk you through the very simple process of registering your business on Google. Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help!

register my business on google


Ok, Now What?

If you’ve just completed the registration process for your business, congratulations! You’re on the right path to Growing a Big Small-Business. Next, you’ll want to be sure that your website is properly formatted for search engine optimization to get the most out of your Google business listing. Don’t know if your website is properly formatted, or don’t understand what SEO is and how it helps build your business? We can help! Email or call us at (843) 501-0851.

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