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free stock photography

Free Stock Photography for 2022

If your business isn’t quite ready for or cannot afford their own corporate photography, these free stock photography sites will be right up your alley.

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user experience

User Experience Website Checklist and ‘Nevermind’

We believe it’s important not to give your audience a reason to say “oh, nevermind” when they are searching for something on your website. Visit your site and navigate it from their point of view.

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social media has me thinking about divorce

Social Media Has Me Thinking About Divorce

Social media has the power to influence purchases, perception, and feelings. Before we knew it, we were thinking about topics we wouldn’t normally had it not been for what we saw on social media.

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Understanding Domain Names and Hosting

A domain name is the anchor for all your online presence. Do you know if you have access to it, or understand how hosting complements it? We try to explain in easy to understand language.

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