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Web Design and WordPress Development

web design and wordpress

Can you have quality web design and WordPress development in one? The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Building websites with WordPress is like having your cake and eating it, too.

WordPress was launched in May of 2003. Since then, requirements for website solutions allowing customers to manage and update their own websites is growing with overwhelming demand. We provide some cool WordPress facts below.


WordPress is positioned to provide some of the best, highest-quality websites the web has ever known. Some of the biggest companies you know have used WordPress for their website. Why? Because with an experienced website developer they create beautiful sites. Even more, they provide positive and enjoyable user experiences.

That said, you may not need the best of the best. Or, you may want the bes and also be willing to settle for something a little more realistic. The topic of pricing can be, well, cumbersome and convoluted, to say the least. If you’re just looking for a ballpark number, we estimate anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000, depending on your needs.  If you want to peek behind the curtain about how WordPress web design is calculated, you can have a look here. This is a detailed article that explains the process. So detailed, in fact, you might be able to give yourself a quote (we jest, of course).


With web design and WordPress development, there are any number of variables that go into building the site. When a developer talks about budget, they want to know how many of those variables can be used, and which can be set aside. When you share your budget with and indicate $5,000 and then describe a $2,000 site, a reputable developer won’t charge you $5K simply because there is a budget for it. A seasoned developer will provide you with a fair quote. Then, they will even make suggestions that can be implemented later for future growth.

Knowing your overall budget helps the developer to identify the approach that will best suit your needs within those parameters.


WordPress started as a simple Blog platform and has morphed into the number one Content Management System on the market. With WordPress, you and your team can manage all of the parts, pieces and content that make your website tick. You may not want to get your hands dirty updating plugins or changing layouts. However, you may want to jump in every now and again and simply update your verbiage. With standard HTML websites, customers must contact their website developer each time they need an update.


If you’re looking to update your standard website, considering the transition to WordPress is a wise one. We can work behind the scenes creating a new WordPress site while your other site remains active. Or, we can create a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page for you.  Depending on the complexity of the new site, or the time anticipated to launch the new site, or the importance your website role plays in your overall business, you can decide which approach works best for you.


Did you know, that as of April 2021, WordPress is powering approximately 75 million websites? WordPress continues to gain market share year over year. That makes WordPress the most popular Content Management System on the market.

Also, did you know that the largest journalist data breach in history was because someone didn’t update their Revolution Slider plugin – “Panama Papers Leak”? Not lyin’. Check it out here if you want a little light reading. We think this article will encourage WordPress site owners to have a Website Maintenance Plan in place.


When you’re ready to get started on your new web design and WordPress development project, let’s see if we are a good fit.  Check out our WordPress website application, or call us at (843) 501-0851, or email us at info@studiobarncreative.com.

If you'd like to learn more about Studio Barn Creative and the services that we offer, visit our website at studiobarncreative.com


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