Lisa Fitzpatrick

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Lisa Fitzpatrick


Lisa Fitzpatrick had an existing website that was initially designed by another provider in her home country of Australia. Realizing that her website needed a bit more care and more frequent maintenance, Lisa engaged Studio Barn Creative.  The initial task was to start to optimize images to their proper sizes for faster page speeds and user experience, to increase search engine optimization (SEO), and to handle weekly and monthly maintenance that had frequently landed in her inbox as an alert or a concern from a potential customer who was unable to utilize her site. It didn’t take too long for Lisa Fitzpatrick to realize that her growing business needed a completely new solution, new brand, and a new website.

Lisa needed a way to improve the overall experience that her customers were having. She also needed a solution that would make her administrative tasks easier to manage or automated.

Lisa Fitzpatrick


At the onset, we started with creating a Mood Board to reflect Lisa’s new brand. From there we provided a new logo design incorporating aspects of the mood board. Then we got to work creating an interactive prototype of functionality.  What was previously handled manually or off-site was now built in. These updates improve the users overall experience and keep visitors on her site. Her new website allows the users the ability to:

  • Purchase Lisa’s various coaching packages. This includes signing up for automatic monthly payments if desired for her larger programs.  Previously, users would have to email Lisa to start the process.
  • Purchase Lisa’s books. Previously, users would have to email Lisa asking for a copy of the book and payment would be arranged separately.
  • Fill out an application to work with Lisa. Previously, users would be taken off of her website to a Google form.

In between, we created a domain-based business email for her.  Also included in her site are these feature-rich items:

  • Pop-up on exit intent inviting users to download her free gift.
  • Dynamically populated most recent blog posts.
  • Automatic emails dripped to customers over time triggered with the users opt-in requesting Lisa’s free gift. These emails include a custom graphic design.
  • Custom sidebar layout for her blog with calls to action.
  • Scrolling Instagram feed.
  • Links to all of her social media accounts.
  • Ability for users to share her posts on their social media accounts.

Additionally, we added visual interest with custom graphics throughout, and images moving on screen in relation to users mouse scrolling.

Within days of launch, Lisa received her first unsolicited on-site sale. Her site is now generating cash flow without her initial interaction; something that wasn’t previously possible. With her new website and dedicated support through one of our website maintenance plans, Lisa is able to focus on her business while we maintain her site.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa’s Website – Before and After


Working with international customers can offer challenges when it comes to SEO.  Lisa had been in practice for more than five years, and during that time the care needed for proper SEO had not been given to her site.  During our build of her new site in 2018, we baked-in the essential seo for small business with great results for her.  Coupling on-site and off-page seo efforts enables her site to rank on page 1 in the top position (as of the writing of this) for “spiritual women’s business coach” both in Australia and in the United States.

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