Getting Your Business Found by Customers and Google

If you want customers, your business website needs SEO

We bake-in SEO for small business to every website we build for our clients.

Large and small companies alike depend on search engine optimization.  It is the vehicle that drives customers to their website and their front door.  Without it, your business will feel the effects.

Because we understand that starting and growing a small business is sometimes more difficult than maintaining an already successful one, our mission is to help your website— or brick and mortar location —be found by customers and search engines like Google and Bing from day one (and at no additional charge).

Take a look at some of our SEO for small business results

Would your business benefit from an SEO initiative? You bet it would.

seo for small business

The Organic Approach to SEO

And why it should matter to you

There are several ways to optimize a website for search engines.  Some require updates to website content while others are performed off-site through third parties.  There is no one SEO strategy or process.  It is a culmination of several different- and ongoing- efforts. But beware of black-hat SEO techniques that can get your site ranked lower or even banned from search engines.

What we think small business owners care most about as they get started is that some are *Free and other approaches have fees or penalties associated with them.

We Specialize in the *Free Kind.

*Free indicates that these services are part of our initial build process when we are hired to create a new website for our clients. It does not include month after month monitoring or updating.

What's Included
When You Work With Us

We include this level of detail in every new website we build for our clients
(and...  at no additional cost)

Keywords What You'll Rank For

This is where we work together to determine what you want your business to primarily rank for. That means we listen to your business goals and apply it to our research for and implementation of SEO on your website.  Sometimes, customers suggest a keyword or phrase that isn't getting any actual traffic month over month.  Part of our SEO for small business process is to find the actual keywords or phrases people are really using to search for your product/service.  We also research where and why your competition is ranking the way they are so that your business can compete successfully.  This ensures that your site can be found in search engines on day one.  Most often, your site will improve page rank over the following weeks / months helping customers find you more easily.

ON-PAGE SEO Content of Your Website Pages

Website content should be relevant to what you're trying to convey to your readers.  It should also be relevant to search engines.  We help to make sure that the content you've written and images that are used will help your small business be found.  For instance, if you are aiming to rank for the phrase SEO for Small Business but never once mention that phrase in your content, you'll have a hard time being featured in search engine results.  There's much more to it than that, but you get the picture. For each page of your website, we ensure that it is optimized for search engines. We also write an appropriate description for each page of your site which is then shown in search results.  This step is often overlooked by new business owners and those using DIY website builder applications.

TECHNICAL Behind the Scenes Stuff

More than just good writing skills, a set of SEO best practices are followed and applied to the website code to ensure optimum results.  These include and are not limited to:

Internal and External Link Structuring

Properly Written Page Title Tags

Images Formatted for Search Engine Readability
(commonly known as ALT Tags)

Optimized HTML Code

Properly Prepared Website Page Links (URLs)

Formatted and Properly Sized Images

Off-Page SEO Essential To Success

Off-page SEO refers to efforts made to improve your websites visibility to search engines from locations other than your website.  As part of this effort, we create customized listings for your business with the major search engines.  These listings are essentials to your website's search visibility and ranking.  We also provide you with a very powerful, and often overlooked, tool that will help to continuously improve your website's ranking.  Understanding how off-page seo can help your overall ranking is almost as important as implementing the steps.  We provide you with easy to understand explanations to help you improve your SEO for small business well after your site is launched.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is any undefined group of various processes performed on and off of a website with the goal of bringing more visitor traffic to a website while making the site more appealing to search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO can be performed several different ways, and often is by different people, with varying levels of results.  

Successful SEO should include a combination of on-page and off-page efforts working in unison.

SEO can be limited to organic efforts (i.e., results are not paid for) with successful results.  For instance, Studio Barn Creative does not use any paid advertising efforts and ranks on Page 1 (often in first position) for the phrases we've optimized for. 

Some businesses choose to use Pay-per-Click advertising efforts to improve their chances of being found by customers.  For instance, if your business requires immediate attention by potential customers, creating a Google Ads campaign is a quick way to start showing at the top of SOME search engine results; it will just cost you.  PPC advertising can also be an effective augmentation of SEO efforts for some businesses.



Trying to decide  if your business should go straight SEO or add in PPC to improve your results? Here's some data you may find useful.


For the novice and expert alike, PPC doesn't have many bumper guards to keep advertisers from spending too much of their profits.



When people are almost ready to buy or are looking for places/services near them-- when going head to head in search engines-- organic SEO is just as effective as PPC.



When people are searching for products they are ready to buy in that moment, PPC ads get the most clicks.

Data compiled by an online advertising agency based in Boston, MA who is also a Premiere Google Partner


Have an existing website*? We can help!

*available for WordPress websites

For best results, SEO plans should remain active for at least 12 months.

Each SEO plan is for one location and includes local keyword research and reporting, location management, optimization of Google My Business, Bing Local, Apple Maps, Yelp, CitySearch, and more.