SSL Certificate Website Updates

SSL Certificate Website Updates

Adding an SSL certificate to your website tells your visitors that you are “trust-worthy” and immediately builds credibility, is used by Google as a ranking signal for your Search Engine Optimization, removes any “non-secure” website warnings, and protects your WordPress login credentials. Depending on certificate level purchase, SSL website updates can be completed in 7 business days or less. (read below for all of the techy information)



SSL Certificate Website Updates Include:

  • Service Provided for WordPress Based Sites Only
  • Installation of SSL Certificate, Purchased Separately (we will work with you to determine your SSL level requirements and help you make your certificate purchase)
  • Confirmation of Properly Installed Certificate on Hosting Server
  • Direct All New Web Traffic to SSL secured site (i.e., https://)
  • Update All Hard-Coded Links from http:// to https://
  • Update Custom Code to https://
  • Scan Your Website for Non-Secure Content and Update It Accordingly
  • Create 301 Redirects (redirect links from old files to new files)
  • Update Hard-Coded Links in Robots.txt file
  • Install SSL on CDN Where Applicable and Enabled (additional charges may apply for CDN)
  • Create or Update Google Webmaster Tools to Alert Google to Your New SSL Site
  • Create and Update Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools Search Console
  • Fetch All Webpages and Submit New https:// version to Google
  • Create or Update Google Analytics Profile to Gather and Report https:// Information
  • Note: Requires customer to provide their username and password for hosting and website services

Terms: Does Not Include Purchase of actual SSL Certificate (SBC can manage the details of the purchase for the customer)

Cancellation Policy: Purchase is non-refundable once customer provides SBC with website username and password.