Fix My Website

Fix My Website


This is perfect for the existing WordPress website that may be displaying unusual behavior or having other peculiar issues.  When purchasing a WordPress Fix My Website it includes all features noted below for a one-time fee of $75. This also includes up to one hour of fixes and updates, along with recommendations for continued health based on our observations.  Contact us before getting started if you have any questions. Don’t lose customers because your website isn’t at its best.


Ready to get started? Please provide us with the information requested below and complete your purchase.
  • Please provide us with your Admin username that is used when logging into your WordPress dashboard from /yourwebsitename/wp-admin/ Usernames are case-sensitive
  • Please provide us with your Admin Password that is used when logging into your WordPress dashboard from /yourwebsitename/wp-admin/ Passwords are case-sensitive
  • Please describe in as much detail as possible the issues your website is experiencing that need to be fixed
  • Website Hosting

    While it may not be ultimately necessary to fix your issue, it is often helpful for us to understand where your website is hosted and to have access to that hosting account should we need it. Sometimes, issues stem from a website host and are not related to the website itself. While this information is not required to complete checkout, it will help to expedite progress should the information be required to complete the fix.
  • If you know, please tell us where your website is hosted


Fix My Website – Features:

  • Update core WordPress Version if necessary
  • Update WordPress Plugins if necessary
  • Backup of Database and Site Files
  • Clean-up of File Remnants
  • Security Review
  • Performance Review
  • Detailed Report of Work Performed

Fix My Website:  Before we begin, we create a full backup of your website as a precaution.  Prior to commencing any work, we review your site architecture, plugins, core files, spam content, database, and overall structure. This helps us to identify if any of those items could be the root cause of the issue.

Once the diagnosis is complete, we initiate the Fix My Website protocol.  This includes communicating with you about our find and getting approval from you to move forward.

Upon completion we will also provide you with recommendations to help mitigate the issue from occurring again.

If the issue is beyond repair within the scope of this product we will let you know.  In those rare cases, our fee is non-refundable and can be applied toward the additional work required billed at our regular hourly rate of $75.