Studio Barn Creative is seeking a part-time Marketing Administrative Assistant to help care for our clients and support our agency.

This role is a blend of administrative and social skills, commitment to detail, follow through, willingness to operate independently and ask for help when needed, and tech savviness that will lead to success in this role. This person must love to learn new things!

The functions that a administrative assistant in a digital marketing agency must perform are not particularly complex, but there is a good amount of things to do in a short amount of time. Therefore, an admin assistant must always pay attention to the clock, moving with efficiency and purpose, unwilling to get sucked down unproductive rabbit holes.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and be comfortable with (and/or learning) the concepts of digital marketing, including aspects of several social media platforms, search engine optimization, research, email marketing platforms, paid advertising, content creation, nurturing relationships, and be willing to be a quick study when new concepts are introduced to assist our team in growing client accounts.



The Administrative Assistant to our marketing agency works directly in with the creative director and senior multimedia manager, performing detail-oriented tasks and general administrative tasks. This person should be somewhat tech savvy and be comfortable in programs such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and be willing to learn Monday.com, Later.com, MailChimp, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and other programs.  We offer on-the-job-training or paid-courses for several of these items.

Below are buckets of responsibilities:

  • Scheduling and publishing of created social media content via Later.com.
  • Proofreading same content, ensuring there are no typos, that URLs and tags are correct, brand-specific statements and claims are accurate (i.e. product names, features + benefits, etc.)
  • Ensuring that, post-publish, all profile tags, location tags, hashtags and @mentions click through to the intended place.
  • Strategically liking content on social media platforms that will further our client's goals.
  • Invite engagers to like Facebook pages.
  • Reporting observations on the health of the communities, FAQs by the communities, opportunities for improvement in content.
  • Maintaining our agency's monthly calendar of tasks through Monday.com.
  • Perform admin tasks as requested (e.g, answering emails, confirming website credentials, following-up with clients).


  • In-Office - We are looking for an in-house applicant to join us three hours per day (9am - Noon), four days per week (M,T,W,Th) to start.  This role does have room for growth.
  • iPhone - Ability to maintain access to most current or most previous version with ongoing and reliable functionality.
  • Communication Skills - Must have a mastery of the English language and be able to communicate well with others in complete sentences.
  • Email Access on Personal Phone / Desktop - We will provide you with a Studio Barn Creative email address to communicate regularly via email, Gmail Chat, or Monday.com. We may need to send emails "after hours".
  • Willingness to Learn + Adapt - Things are always evolving in a digital industry and we are constantly making shifts based on these changes and what the metrics are telling us. In this role, you'll be asked to learn new techniques, accept new ways of doing things, and perhaps change direction at a moment's notice. 

Appreciated But Not Required:

  • Previous experience
  • Adobe Illustrator knowledge
  • Working knowledge of Later (social media management)
  • Working knowledge of Monday.com (cloud-based project management software)
  • Working knowledge of DropBox (cloud-based file sharing)

Overall - this role is about supporting our agency's efforts and applying what you learn to be able to work autonomously and proactively.

Part Time Hours

This role currently requires 12 hours per week at $15/hour with room for additional hours and incremental raises as we continue to grow.  


Have questions before you get started? Send us an email at info@studiobarncreative.com with the subject: Job Application