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Having a Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website is like having a personal on-call web master.  We'll handle all your site's updates, edits, image changes, and troubleshooting for you so that you won't have to.

If you don't like making updates or don't know how, a website maintenance plan is a time saver and a stress reliever.

We didn't have to create your WordPress website in order to manage it for you.

website maintenance plan


Maintenance with Reporting

Our WordPress website maintenance plan packages support the overall health and performance of your website. These plans include core software updates, security scans to protect against malware, uptime monitoring, spam management, and general website upkeep that is all detailed in a monthly report sent directly to your inbox. WordPress website maintenance plans ensure that your website remains healthy and operates at optimum levels for you and your site's visitors.  It's like having your own tech support team on staff.

Love the Results

If I may just say, I’m beyond impressed! More has been done on our website today than in the previous 6 months [with a previous provider]!  I created ticket after ticket asking about the Yoast SEO, the 13 updates that needed to be done and the inactive plug-ins and nothing was done until the same day I told them I was going to leave.  THANK YOU!  I have a warm and fuzzy feeling that I’ve made the right choice. Nothing was ever explained to me either, and I feel so in control of this whole process now, thank you for treating me as an adult instead of just saying “because”!

Kristen Malfara - The Morgan Project

Partner with a Professional

Consult with a Pro

Consulting calls are great for talking through new concepts.  Wondering if an idea will work or if we can implement it? We'll walk you through it.  If you need some coaching on website best practices or how to generate more leads, we can help you with that, too.

Moreover, we know that your website needs may fluctuate month to month.  We'll check in with you often and proactively suggest ways to make improvements for your site and its visitors.

We're here so that you can be out there doing what you love best.

website maintenance plan
website maintenance plan

Select Your Website Maintenance Plan

Maintain Plan

$65 per month
  • Basic Website Support
  • Client Requested Content Updates
    (up to 30 Minutes of SBC time)
    Turnaround Time 1-3 Business Days
  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Daily  Off-Site Backup of Full Website
  • Review and Perform Software/Plugin Updates Every Few Days as Needed
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Access to Gravity Forms BASIC License Features (Premium Plugin)
  • Email Support
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Not Eligible for E-Commerce Sites
  • U.S. Based Support / Same Team Member Each Time
  • Did We Build Your Site? Use Code Provided for $55/Month

Stellar Plan

$200 per month
  • Priority Website Support
  • Client Requested Content Updates
    (up to 120 Minutes** of SBC time)
    Turnaround Time Often Same Day
  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Daily  Off-Site Backup of Full Website
  • Review and Perform Software/Plugin Updates Daily
  • Uptime & Security Management to Mitigate Bots and Malware
  • Performance Optimization
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Access to Gravity Forms ELITE License Features (Premium Plugin)
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Cancel Any Time
  • E-Commerce Sites Supported
  • U.S. Based Support / Same Team Member Each Time
  • FREE Transfer to Flywheel Hosting Then Includes Monthly Hosting Valued at $25/Month
  • Hosting Option Above Can Be Swapped for an Additional 20 Minutes of Client Requested Content Updates
  • *Blog Article Posting - Includes Content Editing for SEO+
  • Speed Optimization Formatting

*Article content to be provided by Client (blog architecture must be pre-existing on client website). SBC to format article content into blog post that is optimized for search engines using current SEO best practices. Post checked for spelling and grammar. Includes SBC curated image(s) to complement article content. Will be formatted to earn Yoast SEO score of "Good", which is the highest score available.  Websites built by Studio Barn Creative will automatically have SEO Tools installed at launch.

**If more than 120 Minutes are required to support your site, a custom Website Maintenance Plan can be created to meet your needs. Just ask us for details.

Learn more about what's included with Gravity Forms here.

Unused Client Requested Content Update Time Does Not Roll Over Month to Month.

Love the Results

This is amazing. I have never had anyone give me this much information about the status of my website and what’s being done to make it as efficient and clean as possible. It’s more than I truly understand but also makes me feel empowered to be engaged.

Christy Cater - Mindful Evolutions

Partner with a Professional

The Importance of Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance is no longer just a nice-to-have. These days, your business's online presence is key to winning over clients and maximizing growth.

In fact, it is now considered vital to have website maintenance performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the complexity of your site. This ensures that your business is insulated from security breaches, lagging site speed an other unpleasantries.

In addition, website maintenance for small businesses will ultimately have an impact on:

  • User experience
  • Security
  • Brand perception
  • Search engine optimization strategies

Without website maintenance, there is not only a risk to the security of your site, but also potentially losing customers who will leave your site if it is slow, outdated or unappealing. Avoiding these issues is as easy as including website maintenance and updates into your budget.

Your Investment


The payment structure at Studio Barn Creative for our website maintenance packages is monthly with a blending in of retainer hours.  Every website service provider has their own way of creating a plan for their clients.  Before getting started with us on your website maintenance package, we want to explain the differences between these payment structure types.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    website maintenance allows clients to pay for updates and monitoring as they need it. This approach may be beneficial for small startups who need to control all costs. However, it isn’t the most efficient option because it is difficult to know when updates will be needed and what a monthly spend would be.  In addition, this structure isn't set for automated updates and therefore clients would be required to request the website maintenance and updates that they needed.

  • Retainer hours

    for website maintenance allows clients to pay up front for a specified number of developer hours per month. These hours will then be used as needed. For example, if a client pays for three retainer hours per month, they can use of this time to ask for any type of website updates.  This includes content changes, user experience optimization, SEO tasks etc. Once these hours are used, additional fees apply if additional work is requested.

  • Monthly

    website maintenance packages include a pre-defined set of tasks that are being performed each month. This plan offers the most frictionless approach to your maintenance needs (and why we offer it here at Studio Barn Creative).  Developers complete a checklist of tasks without a client's prompting. Monthly website maintenance packages may even have different tiers available (like ours), so you can choose the level of site maintenance that your business needs.