Setup of Gsuite Email

Setup of Gsuite Email

Every small business owner should have a professional email.  It lends to credibility and professionalism.  Using Google’s GSuite, we’ll set up your professional email account tied to your business name.  After a short free trial period, Google will bill you directly $6/user per month.  Here’s what’s included with our service:

  • We ensure that everything is in working order sending and receiving emails
  • We properly format your business logo to fit within the space allowed by Google
  • We add your digital signature to your settings so that it shows up at the bottom of the emails you send. It can even include a link to your website.
  • GSuite’s initial setup defaults to a $12/month option.  We are familiar with how to transfer your account to the $6/month plan before that first bill hits
  • We will setup email accounts for up to 5 employees/users
  • We provide you with your username / password (that can be changed) to access your new email
  • We provide you with the information you’ll need to access your new Admin area (where you can add users, change your billing etc.)

Our service saves you time and money.



Setup of GSuite Email:  Cost is a one-time fee and covers initial setup of the GSuite Gmail account connected to customer-owned domain name.  Customer must have access to the account where their domain name was purchased to be able to share their login information with Studio Barn Creative.  Account is setup with SBC’s payment information and customer will have to update with their own credit card information after setup.  If customer does not update with their own credit card information within 3 business days, the account will be cancelled.  Please note, if you use Outlook, we do not manage the the integration of your new GSuite Gmail to Outlook accounts.