Buy a Domain Name

Buy a Domain Name

Every small business should have a website, and every website needs a domain name. We work with our preferred domain registrar to purchase your domain name of choice. We also ensure your privacy by hiding your name/address from the registrar database at no additional cost to you. Maybe most importantly, we also check with your local secretary of state to ensure that your business name is legally available. Our service saves you time and money.


  • Often, the business name is the same as the domain name. In some cases, it can be different. Let us know below the proposed business name you want to use. For example, our business name is Studio Barn Creative.
  • Before making the domain name purchase, we communicate with you to confirm whether your first choice is available and what your options may be. Please give us at least two options below, all three will yield optimal results.
  • We recommend .com as your domain suffix. If you'd like something different, please note it below. Don't see what you're looking for? Chose "Other" and we'll be in touch.
  • Please tell us the state where your business will be located


Buy a Domain Name:  Cost covers (1) one year of domain registration. Annual renewals are required at same or slightly higher/lower price based on third-party pricing which is outside of SBC control. Domain name is purchased through Studio Barn Creative account. This ensures that your personal information is never made available to the public without having to purchase “domain privacy” at an additional cost.  We manage the upkeep of your domain for as long as you’d like us to. This includes notifying you of yearly renewals and billing you directly to ensure that your domain remains active and available to you. If you ever want full control, just ask and we’ll immediately start the process of transferring the domain directly into your personal account. Initial cost covers standard domain name and not those considered “premium” domains which are billable at inflated prices due to popularity or demand. Purchase of this service assumes a “.com” domain if not noted otherwise (e.g., .biz, .org, .edu etc.)