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Help! That was the general request. Sound Bite Productions is an established and growing entertainment company based in Las Vegas and Florida. The website(s) for Sound Bite Productions had been in the hands of many and had a melting pot of code, image sizes and styles, functionality, and themes. The site was not mobile or user-friendly and was seeing very little traffic. The company was looking to start over from scratch with a design that would be mobile friendly, enable them to highlight their DJs, and was social-media focused.


We understood that Sound Bite’s primary comfort zone was in entertainment, not in web design or its ongoing maintenance. We took the approach of not only get it done, like the many before us, but get it done right so that it could have a chance to endure for them. We created a WordPress website that highlights their core services, promotes their DJs, and keeps their site current with the use of an Instagram feed that pulls images based on the hashtag #soundbiteproductions. This allows for a feed of images from multiple people’s accounts using this one hashtag.


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