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Scion Tree Foundation


Scion Tree Foundation, a Christian based adoption support services foundation based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, is run by Jenni Bittinger and her husband.  Originally from Ohio, with a site created several years ago, Jenni was ready to update and improve her site.


Scion Tree Foundation

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We started this project with a discovery call with Jenni.  This helped us get a feel for their goals.  It also illustrated which pieces of the existing site would stay and which were outdated.  With her direction, we combed through the old site and created a log of items that would be repurposed.  We made some suggestions for additional content and also improvements to the main menu and internal linking structure.  With this info in place we were able to create a sitemap that would lay the foundation for creation of the new website.

The Design Process

With all of our sites, our first step is to use the content to create an interactive prototype.  Giving Jenni the opportunity to take her new site for a test drive proved very helpful.  As a result, her response was “Wow!! It looks amazing already! “

The previous site’s blog, because it was created so long ago, lacked organization.  To make it easier for readers to find what they might be looking for, we created and categorized each post.

With the prototype approved, we moved on to creating a new branding color palette and selecting custom selected fonts to be used throughout.

Accepting Donations of Any Amount

It was important to Jenni that supporters of Scion Tree Foundation would be able to make donations.  Therefore, we incorporated this feature into the website using a connection with the Stripe payment gateway.  Also included is the option allowing supporters to donate in any amount.  Consequently, the transferring of donations is immediate into the Scion Tree Foundation bank account.

Recreating the Logo

Because we updated the brand’s color palette, we also updated the existing logo.  Offering in-house graphic design services makes it possible.  The original logo was using primary green and brown.  Updating the logo included recoloring those elements to match the new branding.

New Designs & Features

Each page of the site is touched with custom artwork and graphics creating a one of a kind look.  We also use an animation for items that respond to the user’s scrolling activity.  A lead capture is present on the site along with an automatically triggered Lead Magnet (e.g., free download) sent via email.  Additionally, the site includes their new Instagram feed, and active phone and email links.  And of course, protecting the site with an auto-renewing SSL certificate is standard.

Behind the Scenes

Finally, to complete the project, we perform several behind-the-scenes services before and after launch.

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