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PunchOutSold is a construction company providing real estate repair and upgrade services for people buying and selling homes.  They originally contracted with a web developer overseas and what they were left with was a site littered with misspellings and for the most part a non-functional site.  Then, the hosting expired and his site simply ceased to exist. The original developer was nowhere to be found.  He was dead in the water.  He categorized his original experience as a ‘nightmare’.  The owner, Mike, knew it was time to invest in his business properly and was ready to have their site rebuilt from the ground up.  He was happy with the original design intent, and needed it to function as it was originally intended.


real estate websites

The PunchOutSold website looks great on all devices



In speaking with Mike, we understood fairly quickly how busy he was and that he needed us to really take the lead to have this project completed, and quickly.  Without the original site to reference (since his site was no longer live on the internet) we needed some reference materials to help us start rebuilding.  We asked for and received a zip folder of the original WordPress website files (misspellings and all).  This allowed us to take a peek and what Mike would ultimately like his version two website to look like.  However, we found more than a few items where website best practices weren’t followed. During the design process, we were mindful to fix those.

The Re-Design Process

We started by rebuilding the website on a more stable framework.  We’d found that one or more of the plugins originally used were abandoned by the developer or significantly outdated, which, if used would immediately create vulnerabilities for the site. By eliminating these plugins, we were able to build the functionality in-house.  By limiting third-party plugins, a site can load faster making for better performance.

We opted to use more design-forward fonts and a more consistent color scheme throughout.  Because we are experienced with building custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets inform the style and design throughout a site), we were able to include design elements that were handled by a third-party plugin in the original build.

The most impactful improvement we made was the build of the ‘Request an Estimate’ process.  The original process was confusing and created a process for customers that included too many steps to encourage use.  We streamlined the process and were sure to include verbiage that was meaningful to the customer during the Request process.  The process is built on an e-commerce platform that allows the user to access their account and for Mike to track requests, notify when quotes are ready for review, and easily communicate with customers.

The site includes the expected link to the PunchOutSold Facebook page (which was not in the original design).  We also included the Facebook pixel as requested.  We created a home page image for mobile devices (which was not included in the original design), added a site identity icon, corrected misspellings and improved some of the content, made phone number and emails clickable links.  And, of course, the site is also protected with an SSL certificate.

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