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Michele Neskey - The Posh PA


Like many small business owners, after some time, Michele Neskey found that her business started expanding and taking on a life of its own.  As a PA herself, Michele started helping aspiring Physician Assistant students get into school as a gesture of kindness. She started finding that her services are being sought after (as indicated by her 12K+ Instagram followers) and wanted to have a professional presence.  Michele had a website that she built herself on WordPress and told us that even after months and several hours of working on it, she could never get it to look the way she wanted and she was never truly happy with it.  She told us that she was directing people to her IG account instead of her website.  The site wasn’t completely responsive, nor was it intuitive for a user. Most importantly, some of her most important content was difficult to find.  She knew she needed help to achieve the online presence she was after.

Michele Neskey - The Posh PA

Michele Neskey: The Posh PA New Website


Our focus was creating a site that would not only reflect Michele’s outgoing personality and approach to business, it also had to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

We began by compiling all of the information from her existing site (e.g., exporting items such as the articles from her blog), sifting through the content and providing some copywriting in areas it was needed.  With this content, we began creating a sitemap that outlined clear paths for users to find what they are looking for.  From there, we created an interactive prototype.  An interactive prototype is essentially all of the website information without any of the design or bells and whistles. At this stage, we were mindful to create several doors and off ramps (e.g., multiple links and well highlighted calls to action) in different locations to help users seamlessly navigate her site and perform different tasks from several different areas/pages on the site.  When the prototype was completed and shared with the customer, the response was incredibly positive.

The Design:

It was time for the fun part – the design.  Michele Neskey had a bevy of content from her Instagram and YouTube presence to choose from to get us started.  From these pieces, we crafted a custom video (one formatted for desktop and one formatted for mobile) for her home page using Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editing software.  We selected fun and vibrant colors (which match Michele’s personality) along with complementary font selections that speak to her predominantly female audience.  We also crafted several custom graphic pieces throughout the site to speak to her audience and support her ‘vibe’.  Previously, Michele was sending visitors off her site for bookings and form completion (e.g., Google doc forms).  We were able to integrate her scheduling/booking software and onsite forms to make contacting and working with Michele much easier.  The original logo design created for The Posh PA was bulky and difficult to read at website size.  We redesigned some of its pieces to make it more web friendly.

Michele’s video presence is rich and was being under represented in her previous site.  We created a new page dedicated to her videos with a link to her YouTube channel.  For the blog, we created an integration that will automatically email Michele’s subscribers with each new blog article she posts. These posts will be wrapped in a Posh PA branded email format and sent directly to her subscriber’s inboxes.  For the blog we crafted several custom graphics per category of article as a library for Michele to select from for all future posts.  Michele also sells Physician Assistant inspired mugs.  We formatted an onsite shop highlighting her products and included a ‘cart’ icon in the header for easy access and to reduce abandoned carts.  Finally, we were sure to include Michele’s Instagram feed directly into her site.

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