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Kent Rader


For Kent Rader, known as ‘The World’s Cleanest Comedian“, it was time for a new website for several reasons.  Over time, user expectations, website best practices, and design trends change. His outdated and not properly functioning site needed an overhaul.  Kent knew he wanted something that was more in line with who he was as a comedian. Which he told us was ‘bold and sometimes in your face, but not in a mean way‘.  Most important, he wanted a way to deliver his daily comedic message in a way that was digestible for visitors.

Kent Rader

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Our primary focus was to ensure that Kent’s new site properly represented him and his work as a comedian.  We talked colors, styles, personality, and his goals and objectives for his new site.  Then we talked about what was and wasn’t working on his existing site.  Over time, much of it just wasn’t working, or working for him, any longer.  We talked about different ways we could make his comedy front and center, and accessible from several places on the new site.


Kent’s Previous Website: Phone, Email, Contact Form, and Social Links Did Not Link Properly or At All

The Design Process

Kent’s site, like all of our custom sites, first require that we map out a sitemap. A sitemap is  a visual representation of all the page’s architecture.  Once that was approved, we began building an interactive prototype that placed all of the new site’s content within those new pages.  Once shared with the client, the prototype allowed Kent Rader the opportunity to experience the functionality of a undesigned version of their site.  We tell most of our clients that the prototype is like a car engine and frame — at this stage, it’s ugly but it works.

Kent didn’t have a logo that transferred well from his old site.  As a matter of fact, it was just something that the previous developer had added as a bit of a placeholder.  Because we offer in-house graphic design services, we were able to create a more appropriate logo for his new site.  The new logo was the first blush at the proposed new Bold color palette — Black, Purple and White.

With logo and functionality approved, we moved into the site’s design.  This is where it began to come to life with its color palette, bold font selection, and custom graphic imagery featuring different styles of microphones throughout. We also injected a bit of animation to capture the viewer’s attention; a website’s equivalent of Kent’s in your face, but not in a mean way‘.  The layout makes it easy for viewers to access Kent’s comedy, either written, audible, or video from any page along with encouragement to Listen, Hear, or Watch More.  As is expected, for ease of use for visitors of the site, email and phone numbers are programmed as active links for devices that will start a call or open an email program.  Certainly, let’s not forget links to his social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The site also makes it possible for potential customers to request a Free DVD of his work, purchase his Book on Amazon, and to subscribe to his daily Laughter Matters feed.  Of course, the site is also protected with an SSL certificate.

Behind the Scenes

Finally, to complete the project, we performed several behind-the-scenes services. Above all, our mission is to ensure that new small business websites are found by Google and Bing search engines.

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