Ink to Go

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Small Business Web Design


Owners of the Summerville, South Carolina small business, Ink to Go, were in need of an updated website that would allow for customers to make online sales, pre-paid purchases for in-store pickup, and purchases that qualified for free deliveries. With a stock of more than 3,000 products, Ink to Go needed a way to categorize the items for the online shop so that customers could easily find what they were looking for in a search.


Create a store that would allow for multiple types of search criteria including manufacturer, model number, and colorway. We enabled a criteria based purchase system that would use the customer’s purchase amount, location, or a combination of both to determine sale prices and if their purchase qualified for free delivery in a certain zip code area. The site is members based so that logged in customers automatically receive an additional percentage discount. Features include “latest” products, and the ability to create sales for particular products or for specified amounts of time. We enabled the owners to update their store, manage stock, and all aspects of their site with an on-site training session and then handed over the keys to the castle.  This store has since gone out of business.

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