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Historic Charleston Photography Tours offers walking photo tours to visitors or residents of the Charleston, SC area.  Richard, the HCPT owner/operator, had previously tried using a DIY website builder without much luck and found it frustrating.  Most importantly, he recognized that SEO was not an easy task.  Not only was the site not being found by potential customers, it wasn’t easy to update or improve upon.  Richard’s primary request was to have a professional looking website that could be found in Google searches.


Charleston Photo Tours

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In speaking with Richard, we got an understanding for what he was looking to accomplish with his site as he built this new business from the ground up.  We quickly saw the skill level of photography he was offering.  With his expertise based in photography, Richard looked to us as website professionals to help guide him through the design and development process of a new website for a budget conscious business.  Our first task was to research the keywords and phrases that people are searching for surrounding this type of service.  What we discovered was unexpected and helped shape the direction the content of the site would take.

The Design Process

After some discussion and with an approved sitemap, we began building the interactive prototype.  This allowed Richard a chance to operate a very basic version of his site.  After clicking around and through, we were able to make adjustments to the functionality as needed.  We also offered some assistance in copywriting for content and blog articles.  This ensured content was optimized for search engines.  Next we moved onto design and shared a sample with HCPT for review ahead of schedule.  The color selection represents a historic Charleston color palette.

While Richard had opted out of a formal logo design, we selected text that complemented the overall look and feel of his business and saved that text as a logo graphic for the site.  We created a few versions for header, mobile header, and the footer area.  We also included a similar font for use in content headings throughout the site.  The mobile responsive custom design and layout incorporate links throughout making navigating an ease.  The email and phone number are also programmed as active links for ease of use for desktop and mobile users.

The site also makes use of a filterable photo gallery, a Charleston map link, a scroll to top custom-color arrow, and a helpful FAQ section. Also included is an About section which highlights Richard’s impressive credentials in the local Charleston area. Of course, the site is also protected with an SSL certificate.

As the Historic Charleston Photography Tours business grows, and budget allows, Richard hopes to add-on on-site tour purchase options and a true booking interface.

Behind the Scenes

To complete the project, we performed several behind-the-scenes services that help new small business websites be found by Google and Bing search engines.

2020 Update

As a result of the environment created by Covid-19, this customer has shuttered his business until further notice.  For the time being, we are maintaining an active copy of their site linked below.

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