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The request for a nail salon website came from the then new business, Glow Nail Bar. A burgeoning business with its first brick and mortar location was in its infancy. Along with a website, this small business also needed a logo. The owner, Shannon, wanted customers to be able to book services online and be able to grow that functionality to include new technicians as she hired them. She also wanted a way for people to “Like” her Facebook page from her site. The website needed to feature the haut-monde setting of the salon and the services being provided.


We collaborated with Shannon to gather content, create and manage technician service settings and pricing, and tested the online booking from her customer’s perspective. While we were building the site, we were also simultaneously working on her new logo which ultimately was multi-purposed as their store signage (see image below). A Facebook connection was added as well.

When the build was complete, we handed over the keys to allow them to manage their own site.

Shannon continues to grow her business, add to the online booking functions, and enjoy the “glowing” reviews from customers who can easily find her now that her Facebook following has grown to well over 2,000 likes.

In 2018, Glow Nail Bar changed management and has taken over updating of their own website.

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