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Elissa Pelling is an acupuncturist residing in Australia working with pregnant women. Elissa was referred to Studio Barn Creative because she was beginning the process of actively growing her small business. At the time, Elissa was using a self-prepared Weebly site. The site appeared as a mismatch of colors and designs. It also was also unclear the services that Elissa was offering, making it difficult to attract her target audience. Elissa admitted that website related items had her frustrated. This fact was making it one of her least favorite things to spend time on. The Weebly interface was limiting for her as she also needed design and graphics assistance. The Weebly framework prohibited the ability to search the articles she had written for her blog. Users had to scroll through all of them in order to find any particular article. Elissa needed a site that would highlight her two office locations, which she was having difficulty achieving. It was also important to bolster her credentials to help her stand out among her competition. Elissa noticed that many people would call asking about her pricing because it wasn’t listed on her site. She wanted to address that. Growing her mailing list was a priority. In addition, providing a searchable article archive that readers could share on social media sites was key to what Elissa wanted to accomplish—establishing herself as an authority in her field.


Using WordPress as our starting place, we built an all custom design for Elissa Pelling; without the use of a predetermined template. Using the color palette from her logo, we mirrored that relaxing vibe throughout her site. We then created custom background graphics to complement the overall style. Professional and stock photos were formatted for web use and infused into the design. Incorporating a lead-capture interface above the fold is helping Elissa to actively grow her contact list. The home page also highlights a scrollable carousel of recently published blog articles. The blog archive is searchable by category, month, and recent posts—helping customers easily find the information they are searching for. Each article allows the reader to share the content on their own social media or email it forward. To illustrate Elissa’s different locations, the contact page features two maps that offer directions as needed. To help Elissa grow her social media presence, we have included her Facebook feed in the footer of every page. Most importantly, her services and pricing are clearly defined within her new site, allowing users a more intuitive experience. Finally, using a toggle of tabs, her credentials are featured front and center on the home page.

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