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drone photographer in charleston


This drone photographer in Charleston, Palmetto State Drones, provides aerial drone video and photography services up and down the east coast of South Carolina.  As a start-up business, they had minimal content.  However, they knew it would grow.  Therefore, they needed a functional website that would allow them to showcase their work, and allow potential customers to easily get in touch with them.



drone photographer in charleston

Palmetto State Drones chose Studio Barn Creative for their small business website design



From our perspective, it was important to highlight the completed works and the certifications of this small business start-up group.  With little content to work with at the onset, the design had to make an impact.

The Design Process

To help their team to start feeling official, we began first working on their logo.  They trusted us from start to finish to create something that would be eye catching, professional, and print well on uniforms and other collateral materials.  The final design was made available in several different color-ways to ensure it could meet all of their possible future needs.

From there, and like many other sites, we started with a sitemap and got their approval.  At this stage, Palmetto State Drones looked to us for design direction and copywriting assistance.  We got to work and were able to provide them with a working prototype that required only minimal edits.  At this stage they could see how the site was shaping up and allowed them to take it for a test drive.

The design portion brought this site to life.  We included a flying and hovering drone on the home page to add a pop of visual interest.  In addition, we created custom graphics for the header and footer of each page to help frame their content.

As has become a best practice, each instance of their email and phone number are also programmed as active links for ease of use for desktop and mobile users.

During the build of their website, they were flying for new customers and gathering visual content for their site.  As such, we were also asked to help them create their YouTube channel, and their social media accounts for Instagram and Facebook (including the properly sized and created graphics required during account setup).  Their website provides quick links to each of those accounts.  To their surprise and delight, we were able to embed their YouTube videos directly into their website.  And, of course, the site is also protected with an SSL certificate.

In early 2021, after careful consideration, this group closed their business.

Behind the Scenes

To complete the project, we performed several behind-the-scenes services that help new small business websites be found by Google and Bing search engines.

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