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Located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Brooke was the consummate organizer and entrepreneur. She had decided to go for the gusto and quit her job to start a business, Cribbs Style. Needless to say, she needed a website for her new small business endeavor. She wanted to feature her organization skills, past projects, and be able to blog to encourage would-be readers through her own successes and learning moments. Brooke had an existing logo and wanted her website to match the look and feel of it.


Create a visually appealing website that gave users an informative, yet playful experience. The site includes a call to action, links to her social networks, a contact form and a blog that continues to grow.


Upon completion of her site, Cribbs Style, Brooke’s response was priceless: “Oh. My. Goodness! You are AMAZING! It’s like you crawled into my brain, looked at all my daydreams, and gave them life!”. We are always thrilled when we hit one out of the park for our customers. Since launching, and without any additional SEO attention since our efforts during initial launch, Brooke’s website finds itself on page 2 of Google results amass a sea of competition in her area. She was also approached by a large organization that had found her online.

As her business grew, she opted to take her services and site in a different direction and we handed over the keys.

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