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Chimney Scrubber


The Chimney Scrubber is a small business that was started in the late 1980’s in the New England area.  Several years later, the owner at the time created a website to represent the business.  He did this to the best of his abilities and with the tools available to him at the time.  Fast forward and in 2020 he sold the business to its new owners.  The new owners knew that it was also time for a new and modern website.


Chimney Scrubber

The Chimney Scrubber website looks great on all devices



The original website struggled to achieve functionality that is typically expected in today’s web world.  It was our primary objective to create a website that would be easy for users to navigate, to find information they were looking for, and to provide real-world examples of their product to help relate the functionality of the types of products they are selling.  The new owners entrusted us to make several decisions as it related to colors, functionality, and layout.


original website design

Chimney Scrubber’s Previous Website: Menu links were hard to follow, social media was not properly represented, understanding how to place an order was difficult

The Design Process

The Chimney Scrubber site was unique from the onset because the original site did not make use of an effective site structure.  Our first order of business was to comb through the entire site’s content to understand how to make order of what we were seeing so that the new site would tell the Chimney Scrubber story in a clear way.  Our process moved and replaced items and created a working sitemap that was the basis for moving forward with a new prototype.  The prototype allowed the owners to interact with the repurposed and new content for the first time.  The new menu items were in place and made navigating the site more intuitive.

Selling without E-Commerce

Early on, the owners let us know that creating a full e-Commerce site was not within their budget.  So we went about the business of being what our name suggests; Creative.  We built an area for their products that as closely as possible looks and functions like an e-commerce site.  The ordering, while payment is not completed online, is handled through a custom online form.

Recreating the Logo

We also found early on that the previous owner did not have a workable logo file.  To ensure that we had a high-quality file that we could work with for the new site, and because we offer in-house graphic design services, we recreated the logo from scratch. This may not seem noteworthy, until you take a look at the ‘scrubber brushes’ in the logo 😀.  The owner couldn’t tell the difference in design between the old and the new logo.

New Features

With logo and functionality approved, we moved into the site’s design.  We had a lot of fun with this site by way of including a hideaway header, Font-Awesome icons as indicators for sub-menu items, color-coordinated scroll bars, headings that use ‘outline’, and svg blocks to represent separators in the style of chimney bricks.  In addition, we incorporated a bolder color palette throughout.  Also, the site includes video offering several opportunities to see the Chimney Scrubber at work.

To improve upon the previous site, we made sure that email and phone numbers are programmed as active links for devices that will start a call or open an email program.  The new owners are also actively using several social media platforms which can be accessed from the new site.  And like all of our sites hosted on Flywheel Hosting, the site is also protected with an SSL certificate.

Behind the Scenes

Finally, to complete the project, we performed several behind-the-scenes services before and after launch.

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