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Anytime Lock and Safe has been doing business in the Phoenix, Arizona area for more than 25 years servicing residential, automotive, and commercial customers. Recently, there was a transfer of ownership.  The new owner understood the value of a modern website and search engine optimization for attracting new business.  The website had served the business well, however, it was time for an upgrade as the site was more than five years old, had some outdated information, and was built by a non-professional website designer who was no longer responsive to requests for updates.


locksmith company


After speaking with Anytime Lock and Safe (ALS), it was clear that one of the primary focuses of the new site was to be search engine optimization.  In a search online, we were able to find several listings with erroneous address and phone number attached to their name, which is not good for SEO or business.  We also knew that we needed to make it easy for customers in emergency lock-out situations to quickly and easily request the help they needed.

With this information in hand, we started building the interactive prototype on the WordPress framework.  Allowing customers to view the website as it will function, before styling is applied, is helpful for both designer and customer.  To ensure that customers could easily contact ALS, we included several touch-point calls-to-action in various locations throughout the site. We added click-to-dial (on mobile) buttons, and an emergency request form in the header to allow for immediate contact with ALS.  Each page also provides a link to request a quote for services.  We used custom CSS (cascading style sheets) to manage custom design elements that would reformat in size and position based on the size of device the site is being viewed on.  Included throughout are custom graphic pieces created in-house by SBC to support the overall design approach. We used a premium plugin to create the contact/quote form that allows for an image upload to help convey the issue at  hand (e.g., type of safe to be opened, or type of key fob needed).  What works well, is that the entire site, including the forms are responsive (as most people who get locked out will use their phones to contact ALS).

Now that the new site is live, an additional piece of our service to ALS we will be monitoring and improving their overall SEO. We will work on their behalf with Google and Bing business listings, submit their website and sitemaps to both search engines, communicate with other citation sites to ensure ALS name, address, phone and overall information is accurate across the web.

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