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Amanda Turbeville Aesthetics


Amanda Turbeville Aesthetics provides non-surgical anti-aging treatments.  Dr. Amanda Turbeville is a practicing surgeon in the Myrtle Beach area.  When she started seeing signs of aging in her own face, she began to pursue additional education in non-surgical anti-aging techniques.  It was her passion to learn all she could that lead her to want to offer these services to residents in the Myrtle Beach area.  After partnering with an existing med spa for a significant period of time, she knew she was ready to branch out and create a med spa environment that was in her own name.  It was important to Amanda that her new branding was professional, educational, and was engaging for her target market.


Amanda Turbeville Aesthetics

Amanda Turbeville Aesthetics – Myrtle Beach Med Spa


Dr. Turbeville provided us with the medical content/verbiage that would be used to explain the services she provides and the process a patient could expect to experience before, during, and after treatments.  From this point, we crafted the copy for the remainder of the site.  Having reviewed all of the content, we pulled together an overview of how the site would be laid out using a sitemap.

After the sitemap was approved we blended all of these components together to create a prototype of the site for Dr. Turbeville to review.  Our focus was to ensure that there were several avenues for users of the site to access any and all of the information they might be looking for.  Also important was creating a way for first-time patients to feel comfortable with the non-surgical process.

The Design:

During the proposal process with Amanda, she knew it was important to have a unique and custom look for her website.  As such, she selected our custom graphics package.  First, we went about selecting and incorporating two premium fonts. These fonts were researched and selected as those that would uniquely complement our overall design, were specifically purchased for her site, and not fonts that could be selected as defaults from within the WordPress / Google fonts repository. For instance, not Helvetica or Arial.

We opted for graphics that were soft and curvy in nature, as a nod to the features of a woman.  We also included some movement on the pages of the site – triggered by scrolling –  that was subtle yet noticeable; like the results from the procedures Amanda performs.  Then we went about creating the graphics that support the overall feel of the site that Amanda was looking for.  We used a soft color palette of light green, gray and white for almost all of the graphics.  We added a punch of complementary color in the Request a Free Consultation section to grab the visitor’s attention.


For the best user experience, menus are included in both the header and footer of each page.  Throughout, additional customized menus are included to help visitors continue their journey of seeking information.  Because ATA is found inside of an existing beauty salon, we were sure to link to that website where visitors can schedule an appointment with Dr. Turbeville.  Also included is a Google Map.  The contact form includes conditional logic; meaning that depending on the items selected, different options become available to the user.

To assist visitors to be able to interact directly with Amanda, we included an interface for potential patients to request a Free Consultation with Dr. Turbeville or to ask a question.

Each contact form also requires a CAPTCHA input once a certain amount of the form is completed.  To ensure that the site performed well on every size and type of device, we performed browser/device testing.  Depending on the device size itself, margins, font sizes, and graphics are formatted accordingly for optimum design results.

Also incorporated is the use of search engine optimization best practices for each page of the site.

Finally, we include click to call phone number links, and Amanda Turbeville Aesthetic’s Instagram feed included directly into her site.

In early 2021, this business was shuttered.  You can still access the website at a temporary domain linked below.

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