Personal Interview Turns Into A Video Editing Project

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A Personal Interview Turns Into a Video Editing Project


Growth occurs outside of our comfort zone, as I learned during this project. Have you ever kept your business from growing because you didn’t know how to do something, or because it made you uncomfortable? Many small business owners and entrepreneurs, myself included sometimes, color within the lines while their competitors are doing what they are themselves, hesitant to do. Get yourself out there, with whatever means are available to you, to promote your authentic self and your business. How can you grow your business by simply stepping outside of that box of comfort?

It was late March when Lisa Fitzpatrick of Sacred Women’s Business, one of our long-time customers, asked if she could interview us, on camera. We are always excited to try new things and must admit that this request pushed us a bit outside of our comfort zone.

Lisa went on holiday with her family, and in all honesty, a small part of me hoped that she’d forgotten about the request. Like the good business coach that she is, she certainly did not forget. Upon return from her wonderful holiday in Vietnam, she immediately reached out to schedule what would be not only our first test call using the Zoom app, but also our first time talking in person since we first started working together in mid-2013.

Learning Something New

For me, this is where things start getting interesting. I found my way to the Zoom app and started to install and work with it. Zoom is the improved version of Skype and Facetime, with many more features to help make a video recording and downloading easy-peezy. To ensure that we were comfortable with the tool before our big “test”, I recorded a short “welcome to our website” video that you can now find at the bottom of our website homepage.

Our test Zoom call went great and it was really exciting to meet Lisa in person. Even with the 14 hour time difference, and the miles of distance between us, there was little if any sound lag.  Things were shaping up as we prepared for our eventual, and Live, video interview.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at 7:00 pm. We logged onto our Zoom call and we both began to record what would be a 35-minute interview where Lisa asked me some easy and some soul-searching questions that I was on the spot to answer. At the end, we turned off the recording and agreed that I’d take care of the video editing and post production work to ensure that our video was ready for viewing of the masses (Lisa has quite the following in Australia).  Take a peek below to see how it turned out!

Lisa Fitzpatrick Interviews Owner of Studio Barn Creative from Studio Barn Creative LLC.

Embracing New Tools

Any web designer worth their salt depends on the suite of Adobe products such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver as they create their designs. In addition, Adobe offers some pretty powerful post-production tools for video and audio. I’ve used these tools in the past, but not to the extent I was able to while editing our interview.

First, because I’d used a Blue Yeti microphone on my end, and Lisa used her device’s microphone, the sound quality was disproportionate. I sounded clear and loud, and Lisa sound far away and quiet. Our first order of business was to fix that using Adobe Audition. We think we did a pretty good job of it, but are also sure that there is room for improvement.

We used Premier Pro to add intro and outro music, scene animations, remove long silences or awkward moments (because no one needs to know about those!) custom images, and captions to help tell the story.

In the end, our personal interview turns into a video editing project and pushes us outside of our comfort zone to improve our skill set and services that we can offer to our customers. Thanks, Lisa!

Action Steps

Is a video right for your business? If you’d like to use Zoom to record an intro for your business or to interview one of your favorite customers, Studio Barn Creative can help you get started and with post production. Send us an email with the details and let’s chat about how video can help you to grow your business!

If you'd like to learn more about Studio Barn Creative and the services that we offer, visit our website at


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