How to Write a Blog Post for Your Website

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Ever wonder how to write a blog post? If you’re having trouble getting started creating blog posts for your website, take a quick moment to read below and then download the template to help you start producing that content today with this easy 5-Step Blog Writing Template.

Many small businesses or entrepreneurs have a blog on their website, and the best of intentions for producing content, but getting started and figuring out what to write is a hurdle that can keep people from moving forward.

This template will get you started and help you to create content to attract customers

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How to Write a Blog Post

Download the template for details and examples

If you’re already writing but not sure if your content is drawing reader’s in, you may want to download the template.

Before you start writing content remember to:

  • Choose a topic that will be meaningful to your audience
  • Provide helpful and actionable information in your content
  • Provide a pro-tip or an example of a rookie mistake to avoid

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Don’t Make This Mistake

Many new blog owners write content that has an expiration date.  What does that mean? It means that the content of the blog post won’t be meaningful or helpful after a certain period of time. An example could be a post about a sale that is only good for the upcoming holiday season, or for an event that is for a limited time. Your blog should be “evergreen”, meaning that your content should always be relevant and helpful.  If you must promote a sale or an event, think about using your growing email list or posting about it on your social media sites.

I Don’t Have Time to Write Blog Posts

We know, some business owners just don’t have the time to write quality content, regardless of a template to get them started. That’s ok! We can help. Visit our website here for more info and our other services that will help grow your online presence.

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