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Studio Barn Creative Customers

At Studio Barn Creative, we enjoy meeting and working with customers from several different industries. Our primary focus is small business, and that means small business for any industry. Why? Because starting a small business, no matter what it is, will have several basic similar principles when considering online presence and success.

We work with each customer to ensure that they are found online and can then successfully grow and expand that online presence in a way that works for them.  While one size does not fit all for a small business model, it is pretty close when launching your business successfully online.

For all of our new customers, we build in basic best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).  That means we include our favorite (and wildly popular and successful) SEO plugin – Yoast.  Yoast allows us to properly optimize each page for the keywords and phrase most important to our customers.  This ensures that when their site is launched it is prepped for search engines to start indexing their site’s pages for the key phrases they want to be found for.  Depending on the customer’s competition, we often find the site’s we have built on page one of the searches we optimized for.

Another piece of the puzzle is ensuring that each customer has a Google My Business Listing and a Bing Places for Business Listing.  The importance of these listings cannot be overstated.  We consider them the anchors of a successful online presence for our customers.  When properly setup, and then maintained for the long-haul, these listings can drive traffic to a customer’s website.

Understanding what that traffic looks like and where it came from is important as a business grows.  To help customers view these statistics, we also create a unique Google Analytics account for each new customer.  An overview of monthly stats is included in the Studio Barn Creative monthly website maintenance report (for customers subscribed to one of our plans).

Our mission is to help your small business grow.