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free stock photography

Free Stock Photography for 2022

Free Stock Photography Sites for 2022 And One For-a-Fee Recommendation Our brains are more engaged by images than text. According to 3M, we can process the meaning of images 60,000 times faster than words. They go on to say we only remember a fifth of what we hear. Pictures are…

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duplicate and copied content

Duplicate and Copied Content

Are You Using Duplicate or Copied Content on Your Site? Advice from Google for 2019 As a new or small business owner you may be wondering what you should write about on your blog, or how to add content to your website.  Have you ever heard the phrase that ‘imitation…

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use social media to improve your blog

3 Ways to Improve Your Blog with Social Media

USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO IMPROVE YOUR BLOG AND SEO Originally written 2016. Updated May 2020 3 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR BLOG WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Did you know that you can use social media to improve your blog? This article will give you three ways to do that using Facebook, Twitter…

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